Our Programs

Life/ Livelihood Skills training

ASFU provides survivors with opportunities to acquire skills to engage in income generating activities. Areas of training include small businesses management, crafts/tailoring, rehabilitative training for the blind ...

Loans/ Grants

After survivors have acquired skills in small business management, they are offered start - up capital to engage in Income Generating Activities (IGAs). IGAs enable survivors to become economically independent.

Medical Support

The treatment that a patient of acid burns receives depends on a number of issues, for example, the nature of the attack, which parts of the body were affected, the amount and concentration ...

Psychosocial support

Acid attacks come with adverse physical, psychological and economic consequences. Survivors therefore need maximum psychosocial support to rebuild their lives.

Welfare and Nutritional support

Survivors who cannot afford basic necessities during their hospital stay are provided with welfare for a period of 4 - 6 months. Nutritional support is also provided to enable survivors to have a balanced diet which helps the body cells to rebuild faster and hence a quicker recovery.

Victims of acid violence need foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates like beans, peas, cassava, potatoes, and eggs for quick recovery. In 2013, under the Islam Help project, ASFU provided 85 survivors with welfare and nutritional support.

Support groups

Support groups play an important role in survivors' recovery since it allows them to draw strength and encouragement from their peers.

Currently, acid survivors are involved in support groups of 10 - 12 members that meet on a quarterly basis to share common concerns, challenges and coping techniques.

Group meetings are facilitated by social workers and peer leaders. Survivors are also being incorporated in support groups of victims of gender-based violence. This has enabled them to associate with other members of society which has, in turn, helped to deal with stigma.