Uganda Police Force Centenary Celebrations

imageA Marathon, was held in May 2014 and it was organized by the Uganda Police Force which was launching their centenary celebrations whose climax will be in October 2014.

The Uganda Police Force joined ASFU in the advocacy campaign and besides demanding that restrictions on acid importation, distribution and sale are put in place, they pledged to raise funds for victims of acid violence.

A March against Acid Violence

In November 2004 acid victims, ASFU board members, staff, partners and well-wishers participated in a walk against acid violence. Participants wore T- shirts and displayed banners with messages condemning acid violence and calling for stiffer laws against perpetrators. The American ambassador, Jimmy Kolker participated in the walk. Judge Julia Sebutinde the board chairperson challenged victims of acid attacks to continue to voicing out their grievances to the world. Furthermore, in 2009, ASFU had another march in Kampala

Charity Expo

In 2009, ASFU held a Charity expo and a number of partners and well-wishers attended. The aim of the expo was to exhibit ASFU programs/ services and also to raise funds for one of the survivors who was being threatened by his relatives. This survivor was attacked with acid by his sisters because they wanted to take over the property that their deceased father had left him. Fortunately, he survived but was blinded in both eyes by the acid.