Life/Livelihood Skills Training

ASFU provides survivors with opportunities to acquire skills to engage in income generating activities. Areas of training include small businesses management, crafts/tailoring, rehabilitative training for the blind, and computer studies. ASFU partners with vocational schools to provide training for survivors. So far, six blind survivors have benefited from the rehabilitation training at Blind But Able (BBA), one survivor has received training in adaptable computer skills at Uganda National Association of the Blind (UNAB), and four survivors have acquired bead-making skills from Beads for Life. Meanwhile, ASFU has trained more than 30 survivors in small business management and four survivors in pressure garment making/African crafts.

ASFU has also been able to purchase white canes for three blind survivors. The white canes help the survivor while they are walking.

In the picture below is Aida, a survivor who was sent to Beads For Life to learn Bead-Making says, "I am thankful to ASFU & Beads for Life for the opportunity to acquire this skill. I am now able to support my three children to access an education and basic requirements."

The Psychosocial officer hands over a white cane to a blind survivor

A survivor who was empowered to tailor clothes and mend shoes

A survivor in her maize garden