Our Activities


Advocacy activities seek to push for laws/polices that will protect citizens from future acid attacks as well as campaign against use of violence through promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).


ASFU carries out research to build a reliable center for information on acid violence. In collaboration with Justice & Rights Associates (JURIA) and Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity (UCLF), ASFU carried out research on acid sale, trade, transportation, distribution and storage in the country. Findings of the research highlight the need for a clear law restricting acid in the country.

African Crafts

In order to subsidize the cost of pressure garments for disadvantaged acid victims, the PGU provides premium handmade crafts reflecting traditional African artistic qualities. All proceeds from the sale of these products go towards supporting the pressure garment unit.

Awareness Raising

ASFU conducts sensitization and awareness raising initiatives in a bid to inform people about issues surrounding acid violence and also to expand our notification system. ASFU has created relationships with community leaders and Community Based Organizations who have been able to notify ASFU about new incidences of acid attacks. The local leaders have further been trained to be better mediators so as to handle conflict as it arises.

They have also been able to educate their communities about First Aid and what to do in the event of an acid attack; that is, take the patient to the nearest health center, report the case to police and be willing to testify in court. The leaders (religious leaders, elders, Local council representatives, CBO social worker) play an important role in re-integration of the survivor.


ASFU works with print, radio and TV media to advocate for the elimination of acid violence in society. Local media houses include WBS, NTV, UBC, New Vision, Monitor, Radio Simba, Radio Two, among others. The media has become an important partner in notification, (a system that enables ASFU to identify acid attacks for immediate response) as well as raising awareness on the evils of acid attacks through featuring case stories of acid violence survivors. The Foundation normally marks Human Rights Day, Womens' day, International Day of Peace, World Day for the Elimination of violence against women (to highlight the evils of acid violence in society), among others. During these days, ASFU carries out a wide range of awareness activities, some of which include; awareness walks, release of newspaper articles, holding press conferences, exhibitions and others. Awareness material such as brochures, t-shirts, caps, posters, pens are produced and disseminated to the public.