About Us

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ASFU is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization that was started in 2003 when the evil of acid violence was acknowledged. It is the only organization in Uganda that holistically addresses the challenges that survivors of acid attacks face. ASFU annually registers up to 35 victims of acid violence. With 425 victims registered, it is important to note that some cases of acid violence go un reported especially when the violence is amongst family members.

ASFU is responsible for identifying ways of stopping acid violence. The organization networks with other organizations relevant in preventing the spread of acid violence through advocacy and the implementation of a wide variety of public education programs. The Foundation also continues to play an important role to make acid violence a matter of urgent public concern.

Our Vision

To be a leading business enterprise in the production of affordable and quality pressure garments in Uganda.

Our Mission

Provide pressure garments to as many burn victims as possible while helping acid survivors to access pressure garments at affordable or no cost.

Program Vision

A country free of acid violence

Program Mission Statement

To support reintegration of acid violence survivors into the society through direct survivor support and legal aid as well as campaign against further acid violence.

Strategic Objectives

  • To support rehabilitation of acid violence survivors
  • To campaign against further acid violence in Uganda
  • To collect, manage and share information related to acid violence in Uganda

Strategic Program Goals

Rehabilitated and empowered acid violence survivors
Systems in place to prevent further acid violence

Thematic Areas of Focus

  • Survivor support and rehabilitation
  • Legal Aid and Advocacy against further acid violence
  • Networking and Partnership building
  • Awareness raising, Education, Research and Sensitization